Immunocytochemistry (primary antibodies, visualization systems, instrumentation)
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Innova Biosciences are world leading experts in easy-to-use, cutting-edge bioconjugation technologies and services. The Company has the flexibility to support scientists from academia through to commercial manufacturing, developing and supplying reagent products to make science easier, both off-the shelf and to customer specification. Innova’s products are based on its antibody and protein labeling, nanoparticle, oligonucleotide labeling, and phosphate detection enzyme assay technologies.
Excilone offers you a unique solution to prepare your biological samples, to scan them and share them, to exchange them, and to analyze them by cell imaging or the molecular content description.
committed to providing quality molecular biology products. AMV-RT, PCR, Enzymes, Trehalose, NASBA, Lyophilized and Immunology products manufactured and distributed since 1962.
Antibodies, Proteins, Kits and Reagents for Life Science
Today, Flow Cytometry (FCM) is a standard method for automated rapid cell analysis. Flow Cytometry combines optical and fluorescence detection techniques with dedicated fluidics, electronics, and computer technology. Flow Cytometry allows analysis of 100,000 cells or more in less than one minute. Numerous biochemical and physical cell properties are simultaneously analysed for each single cell.
BioVision aims to provide our customers innovative tools for accelerating drug discovery and biological research. BioVision offers >8,000 products including the most comprehensive array of assay kits for key targets in Metabolic pathways.
Fluorescence In-situ Hybridization Systems
Chromogenic In-situ Hybridization Systems
Products for life science research
Tissue arrays, image analysis, RNA & DNA extraction kits.
a company dedicated to the production, purification, conjugation and commercialization of the world’s highest quality, affinity purified, secondary antibodies for research use.